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Why SmilingPirate?
I gave a brief description about why I made SmilingPirate.org on the home page. Here is the full story:

As I already mentioned I always wanted a site. I used to be a professional photographer so all my business cards in the past were oh so professional and design style serious. Blagh! My site (designed on and hosted by wix at the time) was equally megh! Anyway, this time it started off just for fun. And I really believe that is when the magic happens. You know, when you do things just to do them. So I was designing a card. Something to give to people who might need "technological assistance". I wanted a custom domain so people entrusting me with their machines/digital lives would feel more secure (it counts!). So I drew the logo, that made the name and finally got the site. The .org was purposeful. Not that the .com wasn't taken, but I didn't want it either way. I wanted this to be non-profit and that's what it is!

Finally, the blog came about in a rather unorthodox way too. At the top of the site is a banner, next to which is the logo/link to the news blog. Well before that was there the space was empty. Lately I'd been saying to friends that I was sick of the news always being so depressing. I wanted there to be a site where you get only good news. And there are such sites! However, they tend to focus on the mainstream good news and the extraordinary good news/inspiring stories. I wanted something more everyday. Perhaps things that go unnoticed but that would still make you smile if someone brought them to your attention! Also, I wanted something to fill up the space next to the banner. And SmilingPirateNews was born.

I know no-one actually asked, but I figured this is what about pages are for, no? :P

About SmilingPirate.org
I have my pictures on this site. I love my pictures and I want people to see them. I also have some of my knowledge on this site (ooooo enlighten us oh wise one). I love some of the things I've learnt and the fruits of these and believe that people who are interested should be able to share in these freely.

About SmilingPirate Hacking
Pop-culture will have you believe that hacking is about virtual terrorism committed by some shady ne'er-do-wells hidden in the deepest, darkest corners of the untraceable ouroborosian world of the internet. Well dispel this image. Hacking is not about attacking large corporations, bringing down governments and ruining people's lives. That's the C I A's job. Hacking is about freedom of knowledge and a whole lot more.

Personally I believe less and less in the concept of privacy but acknowledge that most individuals do and so respect their privacy. I am a hacker at heart (awwww) and in practice (on the networking side) have some very basic n00bish skills (nowhere near some of the geniuses out there). But could I use the skills I have accumulated so far to mess with random people's (or my friends') lives? Yes, I could potentially. I could also use the sharp end of my netbook to beat someone to death. That doesn't mean I will...!

As I have learned it, hacking is about sharing knowledge openly and freely. It is about that niggling impulse to look behind a curtain, to push things beyond their "limits", to see the unforeseen potential in everything. About taking something that already exists, be it an idea, a piece of software or a piece of furniture and turning it into your interpretation of what it should be. It really is the essence of human evolution. Now sometimes the result is awesome and sometimes it sucks. The point is the creativity behind the intention and the action. So the next time someone tells you they are a hacker or they support hacking don't coil back in terror like Bela Lugosi. Just...


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