H0M3 shARE ABout conTACT
This is smilingpirate.org
I always wanted to have a site so I wrote this one, from scratch, using Notepad++, Core FTP, and (mainly) w3schools. It didn't take much time to write up the design and since then I've been working on the content. So it's actually surprisingly easy to do (check out the PROJEx page for a how to)! Anyway, the point of this site is an easy place to share stuff with friends and anyone else that stumbles upon it. So the copyright notice is the following: any stuff that belongs to me you can freely use, copy, edit and whatever else you want but you have to keep it opensource. If you feel like donating go to ExtremelyOptimistic blog which clearly expresses my donating ethos... Also, feel free to use any of my stuff to make money but if you do I want a fair cut! ;)

Now, stand up, stick one palm on your forehead and the other on your keyboard, and repeat after me:

  # I swear no allegiance and love to hack, for an enlightened humanity everywhere,
  # and for the ideals for which I stand, any hack because I can,
  # always visible,
  # with freedom of knowledge for all.

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